Sake Starter (koji)

Making traditional rice wine can have the following advantages:

Health &  Nutritional Values
Save $$$
Interesting tradition craft to pass down

Wholesome Living offers 2 types of wine starters
Yellow Wine Starter 30g/tube, for making Huang Jiu (Chinese Yellow Rice Wine), etc.
Red Wine Starter 30g/bottle , for making Hong Lu Jiu ( Chinese Rice Yeast Rice Wine)
Each bottle of starter can ferment on 1kg of rice (pre-cooked). To learn the art of wine making, go to fermentation workshop.
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Last modified: 05/05/08
Red Rice Yeast
30g pack

Easy to make, instruction
White Rice Yeast/ Koji  

Easy to make, instruction
Rice Wine Starter
Health Benefits of Sake and Sakekasu
rich in minerals, microbiotics, proteins and enzymes.   Many astonishing benefits of sake and sakekasu have been
studied and researched by Japanese.   These benefits are available without drinking alcohol.   Sakekasu is food not
a drug, so there is no side effects at all.

Benefits known from research:
Prevents liver cancer
Stress reduction
Body warming
Expansion of blood vessels for better blood circulation
High blood pressure
Cerebral infarction
Myocardial infarction
Pollen allergy as well as regular allergy
Prevention of forgetfulness
Prevention of senile dementia, depression and insomnia
Prevention of fatty liver
Prevention of cardiac infarction
Slow skin aging

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