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Last modified: 05/05/08

Singapore Muffins, Brownies, Cheesecakes without shortening, egg-less, egg-free, no egg, no shortening, no margarine, no trans fat, no transfat, gluten-free,
soy-free, no soy. Organic cakes, brownies, cheese cakes. dairy-free, no dairy products, cheese cakes, cheese cake, cheesecake, brownie, organic cake, organic
cakes, buy organic cakes.
Advocating Healthy Vegetarianism Since 2000

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 Sampling of mooncakes available.
Now you can enjoy the traditional mooncakes
without guilt!

Make suitable for everyone, especially for our
diabetic friends, our mooncakes sweetness
come from
Fructose known for its low GI.

Our mooncakes pastry are made of almond and
organic unbleached flour ,therefore, giving the
its unique texture and flavour never before.

Our mooncakes filling are made of White Lotus
Seed + Sunflower Oil + Fructose. Traditional
taste in healthy style!

No peanut oil, salt, sugar, trans fat, artificial
colouring and preservative
Low Fat and Sugar-free (use fructose, suitable for diabetics)
Traditional White Lotus

Orginal White Lotus Seed Paste with Melon Seed

Traditional Green Tea Lotus

The greenish pastry colour is coloured with Japanese
green tea and the White Lotus seed paste is blended
with the famous Chinese Tea (Tie Kuan Ying).


Traditional Mixed Nuts & Seed

The pinkish pastry is coloured with the reddish beet
root juice. The filling contain Almond Nut, Pumpkin
Seed, Melon Seed, Black & White Sesame Seed,
Walnut, White Lotus Seed Paste and with a hint of